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Astronomy Cast

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Dec 21, 2020

Astronomy Cast Ep. 589 - Lunar Resources: Water (Update) & Other Volatiles

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

We've talked about the Moon and its water many times here on Astronomy Cast, but there've been a bunch of big updates thanks to new research from NASA and others. Today we're gonna give you an update on the state...

Dec 14, 2020

Astronomy Cast Ep. 588 - Lunar Resources: Lava Tubes

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

All eyes are on the Moon. We're going back, this time to stay, right? One of the best resources on the Moon will be the lava tubes that criss-cross the subsurface of the Moon. These can provide protection from space, and a look at the...

Dec 7, 2020

Astronomy Cast Ep. 587: The Artemis Accords

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

So the Moon is about to become a very busy place with multiple countries and private companies planning missions in the next few years. It's been decades since the Outer Space Treaty was negotiated. It's time for the Artemis Accords!

Nov 30, 2020

Astronomy Cast Ep. 586: Life As We Know It: Habitable Exoplanets & Extremophiles

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

As scientists continue to explore the Earth, they're discovering life, surviving and even thriving in extreme environments. What hints can this give us about what we might find as we search for live on other...

Nov 23, 2020

Astronomy Cast  585: Super Earths, Mini-Neptunes & Gas Dwarfs

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

Astronomers are finding even more new extrasolar planets and they're starting to discover entirely new categories. There are classes of planets out there that we just don't have any analog here in the solar system. Let's talk...