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Astronomy Cast

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Oct 30, 2021

Astronomy Cast Ep. 617: Hangout-A-Thon Episode 2 - Crowdfunding Science

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

Funding for basic science has always been tricky business, coming mainly from universities, government, companies or wealthy individuals. But who knows how many fascinating discoveries were never made because of a...

Oct 29, 2021

Astronomy Cast Ep. 616: Hangout-A-Thon Episode 1 - The Great Observatories

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

Well, you’re familiar with the Hubble Space Telescope of course, but it’s just one of NASA’s Great Observatories. After Hubble came 3 more incredible telescopes. Each greater than the last! (That’s not...

Oct 18, 2021

Astronomy Cast Ep. 615: Planet 9

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

After Pluto lost its planethood we were down to 8 planets. But there’s growing evidence of another world or worlds out beyond the orbit of Pluto. Is Planet 9 out there and how will we find it? Could there even be a Planet 10?

Oct 11, 2021

Astronomy Cast Ep. 614: Centaurs, Comets & Asteroids

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

So there are asteroids, and there are comets. But there’s an entirely separate class of objects called centaurs. But instead of half human, half horse, imagine an object that’s half comet, half asteroid, but 100% interesting!

Oct 4, 2021

Astronomy Cast - Ep. 613: Pluto’s Demotion: 15 Years Later

by Fraser Cain & Dr. Pamela Gay

It's been 15 years since Pluto was kicked out of the planet club. It also happens to be the topic of our very first episode of Astronomy Cast more than 600 episodes ago. Are there any updates? Does Pluto have a chance of...